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Loot‘s partners include the Irish Post providing the voice of the Irish since 1970, and The Color Company, which is known as London‘s leading print company 24/7. For more information of either publications please click on the images below to be taken directly to their website.

The Irish Post

The Irish Post

Providing the voice of the Irish since 1970

The Irish Post is the biggest selling national newspaper to the Irish in Britain. Whether you’re looking for the latest news, sport or showbiz exclusives, the Irish Post have got it covered.

The Color Company

The Color Company

London’s leading print company 24/7

The Color Company is a print and design company based in Central London. Over the last 17 years, The Color Company has evolved from a traditional, retail-led print and reprographics company into London’s leading document support service provider.

The Color Company

The Color distribution team

The Color Company Distribution Team provides a specialised and professional door to door print and distribution service across the UK and Ireland. The Distribution Team offers a wide range of services benefiting from an unrivalled network of over 50,000 distributors nationwide. Services include:

  • - Door to door distribution to over 26 million households
  • - Print and delivery services
  • - Targeted product distribution
  • - Magazine and newspaper distribution
  • - Leaflet distribution
  • - Local authority and political party distribution
  • - Internet shopping distribution
  • - Direct mail
  • - Transport management
  • - Marketing support
  • - Digital printing