AA Car Power Station

AA Car Power Station
AA Car Power StationAA Car Power StationAA Car Power StationAA Car Power Station
DescriptionAA Power Station Jump Start Air Compressor for Cars
Power: 12V
Comes in box with manuals
London E3 3JQ
Active 12h ago
BrandAaAdded1y 17dID731140

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Vehicle Keyless Signal Blocker, Faraday Cage, RFID Key/Card Pouch. [Brand New] Stay safe with this keyless car fob pouch featuring an inbuilt signal-isolating Faraday cage lining: Prevents RFID, NFC, Bluetooth, GPS/SatNav networks, 2,3 and 4G mobile phone and WiFi connectivity, to stop all frequency signals being sent or received by your car key fob/ phone/ credit cards. Key fob signal jammer cages for car theft prevention: Metallic lining provides a complete signal blocker for your vehicle key fob. This prevents thieves from picking up and relaying signals from your key, to shield against break-ins and keyless ignition theft. Protect credit cards and other electronic items: In the home or on the move, this multi-purpose protection pouch can also be used for bank cards, your entry card, key fobs and other small smart items that hold electronic data. The pouch will block all signals to and from your device, preventing remote access and control by thieves. The Faraday bag also blocks electromagnetic signals to prevent accidental data loss and corruption. Twin-pocket design: A pouch-style cover comprises two inner sleeves; one with a metal lining for signal blocking and a further container for general storage. A secure, hook and loop fastening & high quality, waterproof, synthetic leather body keeps your key out of harm's way. Material: PU Leather Signal Blocking: Yes Fastener: Hook and Loop Dimensions: 10cm X 14cm X 2cm Approx Brand New, can be posted if paid using PayPal.